Business Trends That May Cause Disruption

Lack of Automation – Automation is the key to saving a business time and money. In order to stay in the forefront of your competitors, a business should focus on eliminating all manual tasks.

Innovation – Disruption starts to boil over when you see startups enter the marketplace, and prioritize innovation. This leads to larger companies taking notice and either purchasing these startups or revamping their own approach to innovation. When two or more of these drivers are present in an industry, then you can accurately predict disruption is right around the corner.

Complacency – This is the biggest sign that disruption is on the way. When businesses get complacent and decide to coast on past accomplishments, outsiders take notice and see an opportunity to come in, and stake a claim.

Connectivity For Clients – Clients want better connectivity. Take a look at any service-based industry, and you can identify ways in which processes have become more customer-centric. Well, with the Internet, cloud technology and remote tools, accountants have the ability to connect with clients in meaningful ways. It looks like they may finally be taking advantage of these capabilities.

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