Looking for a First-Class Business Consultant?

Accounting & Business Consulting

Good advice is worth its weight in gold. We possess industry experienced professionals that provide flexible solutions for ongoing finance & accounting needs.

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Employers & Candidates: We Can Connect You

Kobey knows how to connect the right employers with the right candidates. We provide recruiting and staffing excellence as well as the necessary HR forms to run your business.

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Forensic & Investigative Accounting

Our company has the ability to identify the cause of a financial problem or risk, formulate a strategy to assist with rectifying the issue and quantify the true extent of any losses suffered.

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Other Services

Administrative Services

Kobey relieves the small business owner of the extra long hours, along with the stress and the frustration that goes with managing part time help. We are able to provide accounting, business licensing services, national insurance and value added tax (VAT) submissions, as well as payroll and other administrative services.

Business Services

We consider all of the drivers of change – from the ground up and we’ll motivate and support you to make the change. Our Business Consulting Services include but are not limited to policy and procedure writing, cost structure improvements, personnel planning, proposal writing, financial management and succession planning.

  • Nassau, The Bahamas